Countdown to event Toronto 09.29.18

Event Schedule

Start Time End Time Event
6:30am 10:30am Longo's Breakfast
7:00am 8:30am Participant Check-In
8:00am 9:25am GAME ON! Games start
9:30am 10:30am Opening Ceremonies – Main Tent
10:30am 1:30pm Scotiabank Kids Zone Open
10:45am 11:45pm Main Tent – Band #1 The Secrets
11:30am 3:00pm Pizza Pizza Lunch
12:35pm 12:45pm Scotiabank Official Celebrity Feature Pad –
Mascots vs Top 10 Kids Fundraisers
12:45pm 1:10pm Scotiabank Official Celebrity Feature Pad –
Celebrity Game vs Top Fundraisers
1:10pm 1:20pm Beers with Burns (Moosehead Beer Garden) – exclusive to 5th year participants
1:30pm 6:00pm Moosehead Beer Garden Open
1:30pm 3:00pm Main Tent – Band #2 Black Creek Reign
3:30pm 5:30pm Main Tent – Band #3 Corktown Riot
6:00pm 6:00pm Event Closes