Countdown to event Toronto 09.29.18


Similar to any hockey draft, your team has the opportunity to draft a Celebrity* onto your Road Hockey team for a portion of the day as an honorary coach (who may very well wish to pick up a stick and take a few shifts). Teams have until midnight Wednesday, September 26th to get their fundraising in. On Thursday, September 27th, any teams who have qualified to draft a celebrity will be notified with specific instructions on how to draft.The higher your fundraising the higher your draft position, so get those dollars in!

The top 35 teams that raise over $15,000 will get to pick their Celebrity in the draft, with the remaining teams being assigned at random until all Celebrities have been exhausted. So, if you’d like the opportunity to choose your Game Day Celebrity, make sure you get your team to that $15,000 mark!

*all celebrities subject to change.

Ryan-Doyle-and-Jay-Michales.jpg       RHCC-TARA-SLONE.jpg
   RYAN DOYLE & JAY MICHAELS                               TARA SLONE